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Eagle Sentry Plan

The mighty eagle, the symbol of America, perched on your porch or in your yard. He stands guard like a sentinel watching over your house and family. Standing an imposing 20" tall, 36"L and 7-1/2"W, his size can be compared to a real life adult eagle. The project is constructed in seven layers, each piece can be cut from "2x12" stock. This realistic, three-dimensional project is actually very easy to cut from the FULL SIZE patterns which are all included in the project plan. Designed to mount on a short length of "4x4" post which can be attached to your deck railing or a longer length of "4x4" post standing by itself in your lawn.
Eagle Sentry Plan
 Part #DescriptionEA3+Quantity
#W2547EAGLE SENTRY PLAN$18.99$14.99  

Required Items

  #886711/16" YELLOW EYES $1.95/2  
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